Supporting Children’s Cancer Association

In Portland, OR, ICFC supports Children’s Cancer Association’s music medicine programs.

Children's Cancer Association

At the Children’s Cancer Association they believe all kids deserve long, wonderful lives. Or at the very least, short, wonderful lives. That’s why their programs leverage music, nature, and friendship to create transformative moments of joy for families facing cancer and other serious illnesses.

At Children’s Cancer Association their tag line is “We Prescribe Joy”. With music at the heart of their mission, we are joyfully aligned, and immensely proud to support their music medicine programs.

Dari at CCA

Learn more about the meaningful work of Children’s Cancer Association.

“You have created a very meaningful way to connect the cancer community and bring the joy of music to so many. I am full of gratitude that you have chosen CCA as your Portland beneficiary. Thank you for your thoughtful generosity!”

– Regina Ellis Founder, Chief Joy Officer, Children’s Cancer Association

In Concert for Cancer

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