In ways big and small we are honored to be able to make a difference, to support the heroes that work tirelessly to beat cancer, and bring hope and healing to those fighting the disease. Below are case studies underscoring the impact we have made for our beneficiaries.

Seattle Children's

Case Study #1:

Beneficiary: Seattle Children’s Research Institute
Impact: Funding Clinical Trials & Furthering Immunotherapy Cancer Research

Support from In Concert for Cancer furthered Dr. Leslie Kean’s immunotherapy research at Seattle Children’s Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research. Dr, Kean is developing groundbreaking cancer therapies. Her lab is solving the complex mystery of immune recognition and immune tolerance. Funding from In Concert for Cancer supported a clinical trial focused on preventing graft-versus-host disease (GVHD), which is the deadliest complication associated with bone marrow transplantation. Dr. Kean’s study is the only multicenter pediatric clinical trial aimed at preventing GVHD.


Children's Cancer Association

Case Study #2:

Beneficiary: Children’s Cancer Association, Portland OR
Impact: Funding Music Therapy Programs

Support from In Concert for Cancer helps to fund bedside and online music medicine programs that engage hospitalized kids of all ages and diagnoses; relieving stress, anxiety and the perception of pain. MyMusicRX helps seriously ill kids and teens to plan and grow through music. Patients select exclusive videos and music lessons based on how they want to feel. As they explore and rate content MyMusicRX recommends songs and activities to help kids feel better, faster.

Seattle Children's

Case Study #3:

Beneficiary: Seattle Children’s’ Research Institute
Impact: Funding Lifesaving Lab Equipment

The Kalia and Sarkar labs at Seattle Children’s Ben Towne Center are striving to change the face of cancer treatment by innovating efficacious and safer immunotherapies against recalcitrant solid tumor targets. Support from In Concert for Cancer is fueling many of the preclinical CAR T cell therapy developmental studies in the Kalia lab by funding the purchase of key apparatus such as pipettes and minifuge. These instruments are used to accurately measure and transfer reagents in assays of tumor-reactive immune cell characterizations, aimed at elucidating their protein expression patterns, metabolic capacity and ability to destroy tumor target cells. Such instrumentation gains not only bolster research capacity, but also accelerate innovations at the frontlines of cancer immunotherapy.

In Concert for Cancer

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