We rely on sponsorships, grants, individual giving, auction donors, and event revenues to offset the operating
costs of our annual programs, allowing us to generously support the beneficiaries we serve.

The power of collaboration and giving back is the heart of our work.

We gratefully acknowledge all the generous people who contribute their time, financial support, and in-kind services.

To those of you who share your talent, wisdom, and positive energy, you have our deepest appreciation.

Corporate Supporters

Major Donors

Elizabeth B. McGraw Foundation
Katie & John McGraw
Beverly & Michael Holtzer
Jeannine & Alan Arnold
Stacey & Scott Dell’Osso
Jacqulyn & Jeff Mincheff
Ben Meek

Media and Production Supporters


Kristin & Kevin Corcoran
April & Jere Meyer
Stacy & Greg Lill
Kerry & Doug Sirotta
Pamela & Gregg Goff
Jill & Stuart Hammond

Molly & Ryan Cooper
Valeska & Tim Pawlak
Jessica & Derrick Crain
Cheryl & Jerry Wolters
Wendy & Myron Thomas
Joyce Alexander

John Ware
Bill Boone
Mune Tanaka
Joyce Alexander
Liza Wong

Auction Donors

Dave Koz
Mindi Abair
Danny Seraphine
Kenny Lattimore
Judith Hill
John Good

Rob Shanahan
John Ware
Larry Farber
Caleb Lavin
Rhonda & Bill Salvesen
Stacy & Greg Lill

DW Drums
425 Magazine
Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi
Rocky Pond Winery
Chateau Lill

Mark Ryan Winery
Heritage Restaurant
Middle C Jazz Club
Four Seasons Resort Whistler

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